My New Years Resolution

So as I sit here, I have a major problem.   Well, it’s not a problem per se, but it’s definitely something I didn’t expect.

So, my life post Chicago Marathon has been a gradual slope down a very steep hill.  I didn’t realize how much I benefited from Training over the summer for the Marathon, until I sat down a few months ago.  I furiously tried to plan my Race Calendar next year, sticking with safe bets and smaller distances.

However, as I sit here, I haven’t been in a gym or trained since running the Marathon.  It’s one of those things ‘Yeah, I’ve been meaning to’ or at the very least, I could enjoy the diet I had been consuming (which is crap food for the most part) for a few months and get back on the horse.   After all, I should be at a fitness level to bust out half-marathons without thinking, right?

But as it stands right now, I’ve lost all of my energy, I’ve regained some of my insomnia symptoms, and the kicker? I can’t deal with stress as easily as I used to do.    It’s very weird, but my fitness regimen has to stick somehow, because the benefits outweigh almost everything.

And then, there is something else.  I talked myself out of a Triathlon last year.   While it was a good decision at the time, I’ve been sitting here literally DREAMING of doing one.  I didn’t expect this, but again, it comes from a lifetime of putting my dreams on hold and accepting perceived limits.

So, as a New Year’s Resolution, I don’t want to commit to something that’s going to fizzle and fade out by February.  I have to commit myself to something very large, plan it out and follow through.

Therefore, I’ve got this goal in mind for a Resolution.  My promise to myself, and my friends.


Right now, I’ve got my eyes set on Ironman Racine, which is in July.  However, I might not be ready by then and there are not many smaller Triathlon’s before the Racine Race happens.  Ironman Austin is in October, but if I do that race, then peaking for the Chicago Marathon is out of the picture.

This is going to require changing a lot of things up.  This is going to require a major investment in a Bike, and more time outdoors than I’m used to.  Some of my social obligations may have to take a backseat.

But I’m sure that I can do it.   I’ve got the support.