I almost cried yesterday after the Chicago Marathon

I almost cried yesterday after the Chicago Marathon

by Will English IV on October 8, 2012

Yesterday, I had a good day running the Chicago Marathon. The experience was not as draining or emotional as last year, but an accomplishment regardless. I plan on posting the Race Report later. I was talking with my coach from nJoy Racing, Kimberly Shah, taking a chance to debrief about the race and the season. […]


Race Report – Rev3Tri Cedar Point

Race Report – Rev3Tri Cedar Point

by Will English IV on September 10, 2012

I rolled into Ohio on Friday. Mind you I’ve never been to Cedar Point before, after hearing multiple reports of about the park and trips I’ve missed with friends. It was a bit underwhelming when I got there, and very contrasting to the old Sandusky, Ohio waterfront. It almost felt like Cedar Point wasn’t in town or at the very least the most popular thing going.

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Weekly Update: The Story So Far

May 10, 2012

I finally purchased a bike.  2 weeks and $2,000+ later, I purchased a Scott CR-1 Team from Get A Grip Cycles.  I took the bike out for a few rides and had to get used to the clip pedals.  It takes pride to fall flat on my ass on Chicago Avenue in the middle of […]

Doing things the right way – Part 1

January 24, 2012

*my spine, circa 2008. What’s interesting to me is there is some semblance of a debate on health and nutrition when it comes to this sport.   In retrospect on my training, I really wish I had focused on this, because it would have saved my legs from the Chicago Marathon.  My thing is, there is […]

My New Years Resolution

January 4, 2012

So as I sit here, I have a major problem.   Well, it’s not a problem per se, but it’s definitely something I didn’t expect. So, my life post Chicago Marathon has been a gradual slope down a very steep hill.  I didn’t realize how much I benefited from Training over the summer for the Marathon, […]

Getting Back to Work

December 7, 2011

So, this actually worked out better than I expected. I finally got a chance to sit down with David Hardin, of www.dhfit.com.   Until my race report gets posted about the Chicago Marathon, you’ll have to do with this short story. I met Dave as part of Imerman Active last year, and at the time, we […]

Race List 2012

November 30, 2011

So I’ve been ruminating on my ‘plans’ next year, knowing around June I’ll have to train hardcore for the Chicago Marathon.  This is also quite nerve-wracking for me, because I have to plan ahead so far, and I normally don’t.  So, I’ve put together a list (and a wishlist) of events I plan on participating […]

You, Me, and Spam: 5 ways of Combating Spammers Online

February 9, 2011

I’ve been through a number of trends regarding Social Media.  However, the trend that annoys me the most is that someone out there is making a fortune telling people to essentially ‘cold-call’ prospects on Social Media, relying on consumer ignorance and apathy to get their message across.  AKA, it’s Spam, at it’s most boldest level, […]

Challenge: Help me help you Find a Job

October 12, 2010

Really quick post here: Recently in the past few months, believe it or not, in this economy, I’ve had various people talk about jobs.  Either finding a job, or actual opportunities. Believe it or not, jobs in the new media fields are very plentiful.  I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if I know people with […]

3 Places to Get a Virtual Assistant

September 29, 2010

So apparently I struck a nerve not too long ago,  I responded to a friend’s message about needing an assistant. I replied to her “Why don’t you get a virtual one?” She responded positively to the message, so I sent her the information.  Not too long afterwards, I got several requests for Virtual Assistant information, […]