Challenge: Help me help you Find a Job

Really quick post here:

Recently in the past few months, believe it or not, in this economy, I’ve had various people talk about jobs.  Either finding a job, or actual opportunities.

Believe it or not, jobs in the new media fields are very plentiful.  I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if I know people with experience who are looking.  And to answer their questions, I honestly don’t know.  I’d like to facillitate connections better.

I was also inspired by Chris Brogan’s Job Post on Twitter and his website, calling for a #findajobfriday instead of a #follow friday on Twitter.  I thought that was ingenious.

Also, my friend Brendan Tripp runs The Job Stalker blog on ChicagoNow and has been vigilant about his job search.

So I’m starting with if anyone wants to leave a link, or send me an email regarding the following.

  • I’m looking for recruiters (i.e. people who get paid to place people on jobs) to send me information.  I’d like to have a list of you guys to just send potential prospects to if they are  looking and then follow up with the source.
  • I’m looking for websites people should be involved with.  Despite the regulars (LinkedIn, Connect Work Chicago, Mashable) is there any place people should be looking / connecting to? Let me know.
  • I’m looking for people looking to fill positions.  Send me the information and if I know someone in my network who is interested, I can forward the information to them.
  • Lastly, if you’re looking for a job, let me know.  I’m going to put a list together for that, along with an ebook on the subject.  But if I’m aware, I can help.

Lastly, as a shameless plug, please connect with me on LinkedIn.  I need to get better about tending this network anyway.

Also, check out my previous (and most popular post on my blog): 7 things everyone ought to know. . . about finding a job

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