I almost cried yesterday after the Chicago Marathon

Yesterday, I had a good day running the Chicago Marathon. The experience was not as draining or emotional as last year, but an accomplishment regardless. I plan on posting the Race Report later.

I was talking with my coach from nJoy Racing, Kimberly Shah, taking a chance to debrief about the race and the season. That whole conversation is going to be fodder for 3 blog entries, but I’m going to start with this one here.

Kimberly took the time to point out that I did improve massively over the past year, and it brought me into perspective. I didn’t realize it because I was looking at the minutiae and sweating the details. But that wasn’t the most profound moment.

Kimberly ended up calling me out on the carpet on something that I didn’t really expect. But at the same time, it was the same type of call that started this whole journey into endurance sports. The same one that got me into Triathlon this year. That insight, combined with the experience I had in the marathon this year, shook me to the core. But, I knew that she was right. I knew also, this could mean something special and extraordinary. When someone knows you very well, they also can see the truth that you tend to hide from yourself. They know what you are capable of, even if you don’t believe it yourself. But belief can only get you so far.

However, having this insight does me no good right now. For today, I have to keep this insight close to my vest.

If this comes true, I will re-post what she said to me in that moment. For today, this is just a time capsule. A reminder to my future self what is possible. And how blessed I am to know this ahead of time.

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